The Databot by Early Upgrade

First and only table-top physical data destruction tool for cell-phones, laptops, tablets, & smartwatches.

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Electronic chip,3d rendering.

Tech Features


Timestamps, Location, Make, Model, Photographic Records and Optional Asset ID Tagging

camera lens


A device is placed in the machine and the closest matching device is presented to the operator for confirmation. Alternatively, the model can be selected using a drop down menu, or searched for via model number

Simple Electric Outlet
Wifi Icon


Start drilling with simply a standard electrical outlet and internet connection

Safety Features

Black Geometric Background


Automatic fire suppression with thermal trigger at 170C

Average battery fire is 400C


Polycarbonate impact resistant enclosure protects against injury during drilling


Emergency stop shuts off power to the machine when safety door is open

Traditional Destruction vs. The Data Bot

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Time to destroy 1 cellphone with internal battery (The Traditional Way)

Batteries removed per hour (Phones)

Cost to remove battery from 1 phone

Batteries removed per hour (Tablet)

Cost to remove battery from 1 tablet

Avg cost of shredder

8 Minutes






Cost of The Data Bot

Time to destroy 1 cellphone with internal battery (The Bot Way)

Data chips drilled per hour (Phones)

Cost to Data Bot 1 phone

Data chips drilled per hour (Tablet)

Cost to Data Bot 1 tablet

8 Seconds






A Labor Cost Solution

Prohibitive labor costs can override the implementation of proper erasure and disposal of devices.

It takes about 8 minutes to destroy 1 cellphone with an internal battery - with The Databot it's 8 seconds.

Multiply that by thousands of devices and you will save 100's of thousands of dollars on labor annually.

Now you can destroy devices properly in house at a fraction of the cost. Plus, we will pay you $4.00 / pound for cell phones - $1.00 / pound for tablets or fair value.

The Databot will pay for itself 10 fold - whether that is measured based on mitigating the risk of a data leak or a fire, reducing the cost of labor, or with us buying your destroyed devices back from you.

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A Data Breach Solution

40% of devices in our industry go to a facility without being properly wiped, and are at risk of a data leak and massive fines.

Consumers and employees can sue your organization if their data was improperly handled and leaked.

In 2022, the average cost of a data breach in the US was $9.44 million.

Pricing Options

Semiconductor manufacturing with robotic arms

$30K up front

Pay for the full cost of the machine up front


Then $1 per drill

Futuristic Black Podium
Robotic hand holding a mobile phone with a blank screen

$8K down

Pay off the rest of the cost with phones for the full $30K value


Then $1 per drill

Robotic Arms Shaking Hands

as a service

Ship us your phones and we complete the destruction


Then $1 per drill

Large volume vendor looking for a custom solution? We would love to get creative on the payment options.

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